Brandies and cognacs

Have you ever seen Georgian Paradise?

gruzinsky paradise gruzinskak v cesku georgian brandy sarajishvili

This is Georgian paradise. This is how does the ancient warehouses look like, where the unique distillates of Georgian brandy mature.

This is where the distillates rest 🙂

Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili VS – 700 ml.

649.00 inc. VAT
A fresh, harmonious brandy with a lively character and a bright, amber color composed of distillates, for the production of which grapes from different regions of Georgia were used, with ripening periods older than 10 years.

Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili VSOP – 700 ml.

949.00 inc. VAT
Sarajishvili V.S.O.P. is made from wine brandy, which has matured in the oldest distilleries of JSC Sarajishvili 8-10 years.

Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili XO – 700 ml.

1799.00 inc. VAT
Brandy is made from a combination of more than 15 different distillates, the oldest of which are over 30 years old.

Sarajishvili – INDEPENDENCE 1918 – Georgian Vintage brandy – 700 ml

87500.00 inc. VAT
Cognac from a unique alcohol from 1918 is rich with notes of fruit, oak, wood, vanilla and chocolate. The smooth velvety taste and spicy bitterness underline the age of this brandy.