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Beekeeping in Georgia – a 5500-year-old craft

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Beekeeping and bee breeding has a long tradition in Georgia, according to archaeological findings over 5500 years old. A wide variety of bee products are produced in Georgia, the most valuable being honey.
The advantage of Georgian honey is also the fact that there are many areas in Georgia without industrial pollution, such as mountain meadows that are not polluted by agricultural activities. In addition to honey from these meadows and forests, Georgian beekeepers also produce honey from chestnuts, acacia trees and other special trees and plants, which give it a specific taste.
Climatic and natural conditions in Georgia are very favourable for bee breeding, mainly due to the diversity of different localities and their flora.


Honey from LAMARIA beekeeping is raw and unfiltered! We never overheat honey, we only strain it and remove large impurities but we do not filter it. All natural enzymes, gases, amino acids, vitamins, minerals are thus  preserved.

Honey is gluten and fat free!

Beneficial effects of Lamaria honey on the human body:

  • The high content of inhibin and enzymes fights and inhibits the growth of bacteria, accelerates the healing of wounds and burns because it has high antiseptic properties.
  • It is effective in the treatment of infections of the digestive tract, which arise precisely on the basis of the presence of Helicobacter. Such infection is subsequently the cause of peptic ulcers.
  • It has a strengthening effect and contains a lot of calcium, vitamins C and B and a lot of iron, so it should be taken in regular form , as a food supplement. It helps to cure red blood cell deficiency called anemia.
  • can be successfully used for stomach and liver diseases, helps to deal with acne, but also has a rejuvenating effect and above all stimulates metabolism, therefore it is suitable for weight loss diets, helps to reduce body weight.

Georgian Acacia Honey

This honey is produced by bees in the Kakheti wine region of Georgia.Acacia honey is sought after all over the world for its taste and clear colour. Acacia honey prevents the outbreak of infections throughout the body and relieves the burden on the immune system. Stimulates metabolism which helps weight loss and has an amazing effect on the entire digestive system. Lowers blood sugar levels. A rich supply of minerals including iron,zinc, potassium, calcium and copper as well as vitamins C and other antioxidants helps with chronic diseases.

Nowhere is it written that honey should be used only for problems, but mainly as a prevention. Its sweet and pleasant taste finds use without limitation, especially children love it. For its effects it is recommended for weight reduction and diet regime, it does not contain sugar or other substitutes is 100% natural directly from the beekeeper.

Georgian Chestnut Honey

The bees produced it at an altitude of 2400 m in the Adjara mountains. The colour is mostly brown-black, in some cases even light brown, generally darker than most other types of honey.
It helps to cleanse the liver and is recommended as a supplement during convalescence for patients after gallbladder surgery. Because of its high iron content, it is recommended for anemia in people who suffer from red blood cell deficiency.

Georgian chestnut honey has been shown to be a particularly good source of potassium, calcium and manganese. It has also been shown to contain more minerals than many other honeys. Chestnut Georgia honey has been shown to be one of the healthiest honeys, due to its mineral content, exceptionally strong antioxidant properties and powerful antibacterial properties. It has a stimulating effect on the immune system and blood circulation. It has historically been used in the treatment of heavy legs and varicose veins.

Chestnut honey contains Apalbumin 1 , Apalbumin1 and other RJ proteins and peptides are responsible for the immunostimulatory properties and antibiotic activity of honey.

Georgian Meadow Honey Alpine – alpine

This honey was produced by the bees in Javakheti at an altitude of 1500 m. We have prepared this special kind of honey in a whipped consistency. It is a blend of meadow flowers and herbs it has a very mild to creamy taste of sweet meadow flowers and can be used for anything, the tea made from this honey is straight wellness, but young children also like it in its raw state.
It is a source of minerals, vitamins and these give it a stimulating effect on the immune system and blood circulation.

Like other types of honey, alpine honey is used to flavour baked products such as cakes, cookies and tarts. It can also be added to milk, salads, marinades and also as a flavoring for toast, cheese use in a healthy diet.

Honey from Georgia Linden-Chestnut

This honey comes from the hives of bees that collect nectar in the forests of chestnut and lime trees in Adjara near the Black Sea coast. For colds, flu, coughs, tonsillitis, lime honey is the best.
What are the properties of real and quality honey?

  • antiseptic-reduces the risk of infection
  • antimicrobial-acting against microorganisms, i.e. bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • antibiotic
  • Regenerative
  • hydrates
  • Nourishes

This unique type of honey is made directly by the bees. The unique combination of linden and chestnut gives it its rarity. As we have already mentioned with chestnut honey , that it is a unique source of iron, calcium, potassium and manganese, many vitamins such as B vitamins, vitamin C and others, this honey is absolutely great for our health. It is also called the honey of eternal youth!