Do you know where was first wine created? Exactly in Georgia 🙂

Traditional Georgian wine and specialities

You have to try our Premium wines, made by traditional Georgian recipe

Marani – ALAZANI VALLEY – white semi-sweet wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

199.00 inc. VAT
Fresh, slightly sour, slightly sweet and rounded with predominant notes of candied quince skins... Interesting bouquet of toasted nuts and ripe apples with hints of quince and melon.

Marani – TSOLIKAURI – dry white wine – 2019 – 0.75l.

245.00 inc. VAT
The taste is lively, tart, fresh and fruity (banana, pear and apple). The finish is long and persistent with various spices and cinnamon.

Marani – SAPERAVI CABERNET – dry red wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

249.00 inc. VAT
The flavor is ripe, full-bodied and concentrated, offering beautiful black berry fruit combined with a touch of black cherry and plum flavors. The finish is long and complex supported by firm tannins with oak notes.


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Marani – KINDZMARAULI – red semi-sweet wine – 2022 – 0,75l.

275.00 inc. VAT
Traditionally, ripe blackberries and cherry jam predominate. The mid-palate is a little lighter compared to the previous collection, but all the more delicate and balanced. The aftertaste is persistent with a perfect balance of natural sweetness and acidity.

Ojakhuri – Abkhazian Adjika – 200 g.

80.00 inc. VAT
Abkhazian Adjika from Georgia

Ojakhuri – Svanetian salt – 100 g.

59.00 inc. VAT
In Georgia, the Svanetian salt is used more frequently than the regular one.It is easy to prepare it at home!

Ojakhuri – Khmeli suneli – 50 g.

65.00 inc. VAT
A mixture of dried dill, cilantro, savory, basil, coriander, saffron.

Ojakhuri – BBQ spices – 50 g.

59.00 inc. VAT
Mix of spices for grilling meat and cooking famous Shashlyk

Ojakhuri – Tkemali Red – 300 g.

80.00 inc. VAT
Složení: Tkemali, sůl, fenykl, petřel, koriandr, česnek, ombalo, pepř, cukr.

Cookbook “Georgian taste” – in czech language

649.00 inc. VAT
Cookbook "Georgian taste". Your possibility of traveling around the culinary world of Georgia.

Kuchařka Gruzínská chuť

Book in czech language

Cookbook inspired by the Caucasus 38 recipies

Recently added

    Sarajishvili – VSOP with 2x glasses – gift box – 700 ml.

    1349.00 inc. VAT
    Gift box Sarajishvili VSOP with two glasses. The natural balance of strength and smoothness creates a harmonious blend of Sarajishvili

    Borjomi – georgian mineral water – 0,33 l

    36.00 inc. VAT
    Georgian water Borjomi is natural carbonated mineral water of volcanic origin.

    MANNA – Degustation set of georgian tea – 40 packages

    299.00 inc. VAT
    Luxus degustation collection from 8 types of georgian tea.

    Sarajishvili – INDEPENDENCE 1918 – Georgian Vintage brandy – 700 ml

    87500.00 inc. VAT
    Cognac from a unique alcohol from 1918 is rich with notes of fruit, oak, wood, vanilla and chocolate. The smooth velvety taste and spicy bitterness underline the age of this brandy.

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