Do you know where was first wine created? Exactly in Georgia 🙂

Traditional Georgian wine and specialities

You have to try our Premium wines, made by traditional Georgian recipe

Marani – TVISHI – white semisweet wine – 2019 – 0,75 l.

279.00  inc. VAT
Initial palate is full of banana, quince, white nectarine and peach. The natural sweetness is seamlessly balanced by crisp acidity, with the flecks of grapefruit notes in a prolonged aftertaste. Peach, apricot and banana with some mint in the background. Light golden color with greenish reflection

Marani – SAPERAVI CABERNET – red dry wine – 2019 – 0.75 l.

239.00  inc. VAT
The aftertaste is juicy and round, with firm and ripe tannins at the end. Ripe black cherry and blackcurrant aromas are dominant. Shows flavours of fleshy, juicy blackberry and overripe cornelian cherry with some notes of dried prune.

Marani – TSINANDALI – white dry wine – 2019 – 0.75 l.

189.00  inc. VAT
Full, complex and round taste with banana and tropical fruit on the first floor. Its soft creamy and nutty taste comes from partial maturation in French oak barrels

Marani PIROSMANI – red semidry wine – 2019 – 075 l.

219.00  inc. VAT
Young and full-bodied, with dense sweet fruits, soft yet spicy with well balanced blackberry finish. Ripe blackberry and blackcurrant with the hints of prune.

Marani – OJALESHI – red semisweet georgian wine – 0,75 l.

349.00  inc. VAT
Taste is light and elegant, traditional for this wine, red fruit and herbal undertones predominate. The finish is well balanced.

Marani – AKHASHENI – red semisweet wine – 2020 – 0,75 l.

289.00  inc. VAT
The rich and complex bouquet, with fresh notes of blackberries, cherry and liquorice. Mouth-filling black fruit on the palate with notes of damson. Mid-palate is round and sweet with blackberry jam and prolongs to well-balanced aftertaste. Dark red color color.

Marani – ALAZANI VALLEY – red semisweet wine – 2019 – 0.75 l.

239.00  inc. VAT
Fresh and fruity, though full bodied. Varietal flavours transferred from the nose are perfectly balanced by the versatile and sweet finish. Dominant blackcurrant, blackberry and cherry aromas


Look what people like the most

Nugbari – Churchkhela with walnuts – 140 g.

109.00  inc. VAT
Walnuts dipped in flour-thickened grape molasses. Natural brain food without food additives!

Marani – KINDZMARAULI – red semisweet wine – 2018 – 0,75 l.

265.00  inc. VAT
Traditionally dominated by ripe blackberry and cherry jam. Mid palate is a bit lighter compared with previous vintage but more delicate and balanced. Aftertaste is persistent, offering perfect combination of natural sweetens and sourness.

Kazbegi – Tarragon lemonade – 0.5 l.

45.00  inc. VAT
Tarragon lemonade Zandukeli

Ojakhuri – BBQ spices – 50 g.

49.00  inc. VAT
Mix of spices for grilling meat and cooking famous Shashlyk

Ojakhuri – Khmeli suneli – 50 g.

49.00  inc. VAT
A mixture of dried dill, cilantro, savory, basil, coriander, saffron.

Ojakhuri – Svanetian salt – 100 g.

49.00  inc. VAT
In Georgia, the Svanetian salt is used more frequently than the regular one.It is easy to prepare it at home!

Cookbook “Georgian taste” – in czech language

799.00  inc. VAT
Cookbook "Georgian taste". Your possibility of traveling around the culinary world of Georgia.