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Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili VSOP – 700 ml.

1099.00 inc. VAT
Sarajishvili V.S.O.P. is made from wine brandy, which has matured in the oldest distilleries of JSC Sarajishvili 8-10 years.

Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili XO – 700 ml.

1799.00 inc. VAT
Brandy is made from a combination of more than 15 different distillates, the oldest of which are over 30 years old.

Sarajishvili – Tikhari – georgian wallnut brandy – 500 ml

465.00 inc. VAT
Sarajishvili wallnut brandy Tikhari  is made using classic technology from 15 different oldest wine brandy distillates from Sarajishvili's unique collection.

Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili VS – 700 ml.

649.00 inc. VAT
A fresh, harmonious brandy with a lively character and a bright, amber color composed of distillates, for the production of which grapes from different regions of Georgia were used, with ripening periods older than 10 years.

Sarajishvili – VSOP with 2x glasses in gift box – 700 ml.

1299.00 inc. VAT
Gift box Sarajishvili VSOP with two glasses. The natural balance of strength and smoothness creates a harmonious blend of Sarajishvili