Healthy Georgian sweets will delight you with their natural ingredients. Try Feychoa jam with medicinal properties. Quince jam is also excellent and has a high iron content. Watermelon jam is full of vitamins. You and your children will love chocolate-covered dried figs.

All products are free of chemical flavourings, colourings or sweeteners.

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Quince jam from Georgia – 370 g.

99.00 inc. VAT
Natural quince jam from Georgia

Walnut jam – 370 g.

139.00 inc. VAT
Natural wallnut jam by georgian recepie

Watermelon jam – 370 g.

139.00 inc. VAT
Watermelon jam from Georgia with love

Georgian ALPINE Honey Lamaria – 350g.

390.00 inc. VAT
Flower meadow honey from Lamaria - taste the unique taste of high mountain honey. Quality, tradition and whipped consistency in every spoonful - a natural Georgian delicacy you will love.

Georgian Chestnut & Linden honey Lamaria – 350g.

427.00 inc. VAT
Gruzánský kaštanový a lipový med - ponořte se do světa Gruzínského Medu. Získáte nejen lahodný zážitek, ale také posílení pro zdraví.

Georgian ACACIA Honey – Lamaria – 350g.

349.00 inc. VAT
Acacia honey from Georgia by Lamaria is the jewel of the Georgian mountains, from the Kachetia region. With its delicate flavour and almost transparent colour, every spoonful brings a honey experience. Lamaria carefully selects each drop to bring you the highest quality honey. Enjoy a piece of Georgia in every sweet moment with our acacia honey.


399.00 inc. VAT
Immerse yourself in the richness of the Georgian mountains with chestnut honey from Ajara. Gain energy, promote health and open the door to new culinary experiences. Order now and taste the magic in every spoonful!