Georgian tool for barbecue, called a Shampura. There’s also a lovely cookbook called Georgian Taste, which has many traditional recipes. Your loved ones may also enjoy cheerful Chinkali and Khachapuri socks or bargain gift sets for birthdays or other occasions.

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Degustace gruzínských vín v Praze s tradiční zákuskou (v ruštině)

1090.00 inc. VAT
TO BUDE ZÍŽITEK!!! Degustace gruzínských vín ve vinotéce Ateliér laVíno, 18.4.2024 ve čtvrtek v Praze.

Luxury gift bag for 1 or 2 bottles of wine

35.00 inc. VAT
Luxury wine gift bag. The best gift packaging for Georgian wine and alcohol.

Elegant gift bag for 3 bottles of wine

40.00 inc. VAT
Elegant Gift Bag for 3 Bottles of Wine - Luxury gift bag for Georgian wine and alcohol

Kolimax – Shampur for shashlyk – 4 pcs.

365.00 inc. VAT
Georgian Metal Sticks Shampur for Shashlik and Meat Grilling Grilling is a culinary art that has been enjoyed by food

Adjarian khachapuri socks with print – 1 pair

199.00 inc. VAT
Adjarian khachapuri print on socks. Universal size model: 36-45

Altersocks – wine socks – 1 pair

199.00 inc. VAT
Socks with georgian wine print. Universal size model: 36-45

Cookbook “Georgian taste” – in czech language

490.00 inc. VAT
Cookbook "Georgian taste". Your possibility of traveling around the culinary world of Georgia.