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Georgian Wine Brandy Sarajishvili VSOP

Vinná Brandy Sarajishvili VSOP z Gruzie

Georgian Wine brandy Sarajishvili VSOP

Sarajishvili VSOP is a very interesting brand of Georgian wine brandy that takes us from young vintage brandies to very old ones.
VSOP is produced mainly from spirits obtained in the Gori zone, Ateni, Shuakartli region, by distilling grapes of the beautiful Chinuri Mtsvane and Goruli Mtsvane grape varieties, which are characterised by high acidity and rich fruity aroma.
They produce high quality alcohols that are promising in the VSOP age. This brandy will prepare you for the wave of the Kartli region. It has such a wonderful aroma. The grapes and wine are clearly smelled here. This product has a very high quality aroma. The bouquet is the richest. The taste is very fine, velvety and harmonious. Everything is very harmoniously combined in this drink.


The Wine Brandy Sarajishvili VSOP from Georgia is the top among very old and relatively young brandies. This brandy has its fans who have admitted that sometimes when you want to get away from everyday worries and be with yourself, to relax, this drink becomes an unattainable friend — says chief technologist David Abzianidze.

Taste the brandy Sarajishvili VSOP.

Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili VS – 700 ml.

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Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili VSOP – 700 ml.

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Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili XO – 700 ml.

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Sarajishvili – Tikhari – georgian wallnut brandy – 500 ml

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