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"Alcohol causes a short-term dilation of blood vessels and a circle of friends." - Salvador Dali

We are glad to welcome you on the website of our new online store.

Our goal is to introduce the Georgian culture, traditions, cuisine, and wine to Europeans (especially Czechs).

In our offer of products, you can find the most famous Georgian wines made from the best grape varieties. We present wines made according to the secret traditional recipe of a company called Marniskari. We offer not only dry, semi-dry, or semi-sweet white and red wines, but also the unique kvevri wines.

We are also happy to share with you our high-quality traditional products such as:

  • seasonings (spices) for a wide range of dishes (salad, satsivi, shashlik, borscht, etc.),
  • sour and spicy sauces tkemali and satsebeli,
  • pickled peppers, garlic and jonjoli,
  • sweets, such as churchkhela (Georgian snickers), jams and tklapi (fruit “paper”),
  • dried fruit, fruit chips, dried fruit covered in chocolate,
  • and many other goodies.

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About the wine producer Marani

Elegant wine has been a symbol of Georgia since ancient times. Up to this day, it is praised in many Georgian poems, songs, folk-tales and legends.

Telavi is the largest and most important city in the Georgian region of Kakheti. It is located in the heart of the Alazani Valley. The Telavi Wine Cellar Marani was founded in 1915 on the outskirts (North-East) of this city. For over a hundred years, winemaking traditions have gone hand in hand here with modern technologies.

This area contains seven of the most important Specific Viticulture Areas. On the right bank of the Alazani River, you will find Tsinandali, Vazisubani, Akhasheni, and Mukuzani, while Napareuli, Kvareli, and Kindzmarauli nestle in the picturesque foothills of the Great Caucasus.

The company Marani employs not only modern winemaking technologies (pumps, universal temperature control system) but also traditional oak barrels and kvevri jugs.

Freshly harvested grapes are transferred to the local processing plant, where they are destemmed, crushed and some of the wines are filtrated. White wine is produced in the west wing – there are tanks for settling and fermentation and barrique barrels. Outside sit the fermentation tanks for red wine. The wine is stored here even in the winter – the natural cold helps to stabilize it.

There is a presentation hall in the complex as well, where presentations are held for the company guests and tourists. On the opposite side of the complex, there is a modern bottling line, product storages. In the underground, there is a cellar with ideal temperature and humidity for both red and white wines aging in oak barrels, of which there are more than 1000.

Online store zGruzie.cz

About the wine producer Marniskari

Viticulture is a whole art that the Georgian people have been practicing for many centuries. The heart of wine making in Georgia is the Kakheti region. The Alazani river flows there with the Alazani Valley stretching along. You can see indescribably beautiful vineyards with famous varieties such as Tsinandali, Akhasheni, Kindzmarauli, and Mukuzani. It is in this region (in the villages of Eniseli and Sabue) the Marniskari company is located.

The Marniskari winery dates back to the 19th century. It was founded in 1875 by Zakharia Dzhorzhadze – also the first person who exported Georgian wine. The wine-making secrets of the Dzhorzhadze family are still kept in the village of Eniseli and are passed down from generation to generation. 120 unique kvevri jugs were found in a cellar recently.

Today, the Marniskari factory produces dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet red and white wines from the Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Ojaleshi grape varieties.

Some wines require special aging. For example, the Mukuzani wine ages in large oak barrels. They give the wine a unique noble aroma and new notes of taste.

This company cares about the conservation of exquisite ancient grape varieties – for example, there are 10 hectares of land occupied by Ojaleshi vineyards in western Georgia.

Their wine is in great demand among consumers; it is regularly exported to Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Canada, USA, etc.

The products can be found in different parts of the world under the brands Marniskari, Orsimo, Berik, Tetri, Godori, Tibaneli, Basieri, etc.

Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC)

Controlled designation of origin

Controlled designation of origin (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, AOC) is a French certification system that seeks to protect the traditional names and brands of local agricultural products. The certificate issued by the Ministries of Agriculture of Georgia and guarantees that the product is produced in the stated area and under precisely defined rules.

L’Institut national de l’origine et de la qualité (INAO) states the following definition of AOC: AOC determines the area of origin of the product. It also guarantees its quality and dependence on local conditions (including the environmental and human factors).

INAO regulates the rules of the AOC brand usage. According to these rules, every wine and winery (in order to retain the existing product name) must strictly adhere to the established rules: grow individual vine varieties in the predetermined areas, from which at least 80% of the grapes used must come; as well as follow traditional production methods.