Your guide in traveling around the world of Georgian cuisine.

“Georgian taste”

The cookbook “Georgian taste” contains selected recipes. Therefore, it is not easy to find traditional Georgian products in Europe, each recipe contains an advice, which product can be used instead of Georgian. With the help of these tips, everyone will be able to cook traditional Georgian dish at home.

The cookbook contains recipes of starters, soups, main dishes and pastry.

You can also find recipes for vegetarians. In compare with starters or soups, main Georgian dishes are mostly cooked with meat, so it was more complicated to find out any vegetarian alternative to main dishes. But for example, you can find here a recipe of vegetarian khinkali.

Recipes of georgian appetizers

1. Starters

Georgian starters are prepared from raw, cooked, salted and pickled vegetables and herbs. Most of the Georgian starters are being flavored with various spices, hazelnut, sauces, etc. They are being decorated with onion rings, pomegranate, or walnut oil.

  1. Mchadi
  2. Kirkazh
  3. Pkhali from spinach
  4. Pkhali from red beet
  5. Sacivi
  6. Bazhe
  7. Lilak rolls with hazelnut filling
  8. Shilaplavi
  9. Sweet rice
  10. Elardzhi
  11. Gomi

Recipes of georgian soups

2. Soups

Soups are very popular in Georgian cuisine.

  1. Soup Kharcho
  2. Soup Lobio
  3. Soup Kufta
  4. Soup Lobio with hazelnut
  5. Pea soup
  6. Tomato soup
  7. Soup Chikhirtma

Recipes of georgian main dishes

3. Main dishes

Fried spicy dishes are very popular in Georgian cuisine. Because of the special spices, Georgian main dishes have wonderful taste. The set of Georgian spices adds to the dish special aroma and fresh effect.

  1. Kebab
  2. Chakhokhbili
  3. Khinkali
  4. Vegetarian khinkali
  5. Spicy fried liver
  6. Chicken Tabaka
  7. Ostri
  8. Beef frikadelles fried in a pan
  9. Sweet frikadelles
  10. Chakapuli
  11. Odzhakhuri

Recipes of georgian pastry

4. Pastry

Khachapuri or “Georgian pizza” is the favorite pastry of Georgians and traditional specialty of the country. Almost no dining takes place without this pastry.

  1. Megrelian khachapuri
  2. Adjarian khachapuri
  3. Imeruli khachapuri
  4. Achma
  5. Puff pastry khachapuri?
  6. Puff pastry lobiani?
  7. Lobiani on pan
  8. Tea pie
  9. Maconi pie