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CHACHA – georgian grape vodka


Georgian chacha is a traditional spirit that has been produced in Georgia since the 17th century. It is a type of vodka made from the Georgian grape variety Saperavi, Mtsvane or Rkatsiteli, which is then distilled and aged. Georgian grape vodka chacha is characterized by a delicate taste and strong aroma, which are the result of its high alcohol content. Therefore, the distillate is often considered a unique drink in the original Georgian style.

Making Georgian chacha

The grapes are first pressed and their juice is distilled. The distillation process is particularly complicated because adding water only yields a very weak alcoholic component. Therefore, chacha is distilled again and again until a unique aroma and taste is obtained.

This is because the Georgian nation has traditionally avoided sweet spirits, so chacha was the only option. Also, chacha is very strong, even stronger than some other types of vodka. This is also the reason why it is popular among Georgians. Chacha is often served as part of a traditional Georgian dinner.

The taste and smell of Georgian chacha

The taste of chacha is unique, it has a light fruity taste and aroma that consists of sweet fruits and spices. The taste is sweeter than other types of vodka and also has light sour notes that add interest to the taste. The aroma of chacha is particularly intense and enriches the overall group of flavors, which contributes to its popularity.

This technique gives chaca a unique flavor and aroma that is strongly based on its ingredients. In Georgia, chacha is used to prepare some classic dishes and as a juice or drink in various festive occasions. It is also used as a medicine to treat colds.

Alcoholic degree of Georgian chacha

Grape CHACHA generally has an alcohol content between 40 and 60 percent, but sometimes even higher. Some producers can increase the alcohol content up to 75%. In Georgia, chacha is generally eaten fresh and is popular for its strong and sweet taste.

Georgian Chacha Rkatsiteli 40% – 500 ml.

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Medicinal properties of Georgian chacha

It is traditionally prepared on the basis of fruit, spices and honey, which are mixed together, pressed and mixed with alcohol. Chacha is considered a national medicinal liquid that can help with a number of health problems. In addition, it is also used as a remedy for insomnia and headaches.

Due to its healing properties, Georgian chacha is often recommended as a preventive measure for diseases and as an additional treatment. It is traditionally used as a remedy for colds and respiratory infections, as well as intestinal infections. Chacha is also used to strengthen immunity, improve digestion and detoxify the body.

History of Georgian Chacha

The history of the Georgian chacha dates back to the 15th century. It was made from grape wine and fermented sea buckthorn berries. Chacha has been very popular in Georgia for centuries and has become an integral part of Georgian custom. It was even emphasized in many ceremonies and traditions.

Chacha was initially used mainly for its medicinal qualities and was used for the treatment of certain diseases and as a preventive measure against diseases. Over time, it became popular among consumers who used it for drinking and making beverages. Thanks to its popularity, chacha became a symbol of Georgian culture and eventually the national drug.

The cultural significance of the Georgian chacha

Chacha is an integral part of the culture in Georgia and is a symbol of respect for every guest who attends the feast. Chacha is made from grapes that are distilled and fermented in various ways. Its sweet fruit turns into a strong alcoholic drink.

The Georgian people believe that passing this drink to their guests is a symbol of honesty and mutual love. Many glasses of chacha are served at feasts, and formal occasions are always celebrated with a Tokayan song. The Georgian nation is extremely proud of the history and traditions of its drink and considers it an important part of its national heritage.