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Georgian wine is known worldwide for its rich history and tradition of production. Recently, new wines have appeared on the market that are made from the Kisi and Rkatsiteli grape varieties and have an unusual green and light blue colour. These georgian luxury wines are a great choice for lovers of luxury and high quality wines.


Kesane Blue is a blue sweet wine that is made from the Rkatsiteli grape variety, which is also grown in the Kakheti region.
The intense light blue colour is due to the pigment in the skin of the grapes.
This wine has a rich fruity taste with notes of meadow flowers, May honey, peach and apple. The lightness of this wine underlines its harmonious flavour, which, combined with its extraordinary colour, creates a unique aesthetic pleasure. Its delicate and harmonious taste with delicate aromas makes it an ideal choice for weekend get-togethers with friends.
Recommended drinking temperature: +5 to +12°C

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zelené kvevri víno


Kesane Green is a green wine that is made from Kisi grapes grown in the Kakheti region of Georgia.
The green colour is obtained by synthesising the pigment obtained from the Kisi orange wine produced by the traditional Georgian Kvevri method and the grape skins.
This wine has a fresh and fruity taste with strong notes of nuts and apricots which are pleasantly combined with subtle notes of peach and apple. Its refreshing taste and delicate aroma make it an ideal accompaniment for light meals or for relaxing on summer evenings.
Recommended drinking temperature: +8 to +16°C

Kesane wines are georgian luxury wines from family George Gray’s winery, that are produced from quality grapes using modern technologies that allow to preserve the best characteristics of the varieties and highlight their unique character. They are green and light blue in colour. These new wines not only have beautiful and unusual colours, but also rich fruit flavours that are ideal for occasions such as gala dinners, barbecues or relaxing after a busy day.
Each wine undergoes a meticulous production process to ensure its high quality and taste. These new wines are a great example of how tradition and modern technology can be combined to create quality wines.
Georgia is known as a wine country where wine production has become a part of life and culture. Traditional winemaking practices are still followed and wine is produced from grapes that are carefully selected and processed.