Georgian wine

10 interesting facts about georgian wine

Gruzínské kvevri víno - fakty
  1. It is confirmed that wine production began in Georgia 8 thousand years ago.
  2. There are 2500 grape varieties, 500 of which belong to Georgia.
  3. There are only three technologies for wine production:
    • Kakhuri (Kakhetian),
    • European and
    • the Racha-Lechkhumi technology
  4. To make wine they use a kvevri jug – a large clay jug that is buried in the ground. This is the most ideal temperature for making kvevri wine.
  5. UNESCO has recognised the kvevri jug as a cultural heritage site.
  6. Many people think: the older the wine, the more unique it is. This is a myth! There are types of wine in Georgia that lose their refined taste over time.
  7. Besides red and white wines, there are pink, orange, black and green wines in Georgia.
  8. Red wine is considered the most useful because it increases hemoglobin.
  9. Grape juice has no color. The grape skin gives the wine its colour.
  10. The most expensive wine in Georgia is Usakhelouri because this wine is made with the rarest grape variety.