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Georgian wine and decanter have historical roots.

dekantér gruzínské víno

Welcome, Georgian wine lovers! Today, we’re taking a look at our e-store, where we’re featuring authentic wines from Georgia, and we’re taking a deeper look at decanter. What is it, how was it created, what is it used for, and why is it so important to Georgian wine? In this article you will find all the answers to these questions. Let’s dive into the world of Georgian wine and its essential companion – the decanter.

How did the Decanter come into being?

Georgian wine and decanter have deep historical roots. The decanter, which is used to pour wine from the bottle into the decanter, has ancient origins. This utensil was first used in ancient Rome and Greece. The wine was great, but the sediment at the bottom of the bottle was undesirable. And so the decanter was created to separate the wine from these sediments, improving its taste and aroma.

The decanter also has a deep meaning in Georgian culture. Georgians are known for their love of wine and the traditional way to consume wine is from a decanter. It is a symbol of hospitality and sharing the joy of wine.

How is the Decanter used?

The decanter has several important functions that contribute to improving the quality of the wine and the overall experience:

  • Separation from sediment: As already mentioned, the decanter is used to separate the wine from the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. This ensures that a clean wine with no unwanted particles enters the glass.
  • Oxygenation of wine: When wine is poured into the decanter, it is oxygenated, which helps to release the aromas and flavours of the wine. This is particularly important for older wines.
  • Aesthetic element: The decanter is also an aesthetic element that adds elegance to the table and enhances the overall impression.
  • Wine service: When serving wine to guests, the decanter is easy and elegant.

Who is the Decanter for?

The decanter is designed for all lovers of Georgian wine and not only for them. It is suitable for:

  • Wine lovers: If you want to enjoy Georgian wine to the max, a decanter is essential.
  • Guests and visitors: At receptions and parties, a decanter is a great way to serve wine elegantly.
  • Winemakers: For winemakers who want to showcase a great wine, a decanter is a great presentation tool.
  • Gifts: The decanter is also a beautiful gift for wine lovers.

Why is it important to put Georgian wine in the decanter?

Georgian wine is unique and has its own specific characteristics. Putting Georgian wine in the decanter is important for several reasons:

  • Taste enhancement: Georgian wine can have rich and complex flavours. When poured into a decanter, these flavours become apparent and the wine becomes more palatable.
  • Removing sediment: Wine, especially if it is older, may contain sediment that could spoil the taste. The decanter separates this sediment.
  • Oxygenation: Oxygenating the wine in the decanter opens up its aroma and flavour. This is essential for Georgian wines.
  • Presentation: When serving Georgian wine to guests, the decanter is elegant and spectacular.


How often should I use the decanter?

You should use the decanter as needed. Older wines and wines with sediment may require more frequent use.

Is the decanter suitable for all types of wine?

Yes, you can use the decanter for different types of wine. However, it is most relevant for older wines and wines with sediment.

How long should the wine stay in the decanter?

The length of time the wine should remain in the decanter depends on the specific wine. It usually ranges from 30 minutes to several hours.

How to clean the decanter properly?

The decanter should be cleaned with warm water and soap. Rice can be used to remove wine residue.

What is the difference between a decanter and a decanter?

The decanter is used to separate the wine from sediment and to oxygenate it. The decanter is usually used to serve the wine and does not have such an effect on the taste of the wine itself.

Can you also use the decanter for young wines?

Yes, even young wines can be decanted, which will help remove impurities and improve the taste.


The decanter is an essential accessory for all lovers of Georgian wine. It helps bring out the flavour and aroma of the wine and adds an elegant touch when serving. When choosing a decanter, choose a quality and design that will not only enhance the taste of the wine but also decorate your table. Explore the world of Georgian wine with a decanter and enjoy a unique experience!