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Young brandies and cognacs

Gruzinak - gruzinska brandy 5 hvezd

The older the drink, the higher the price of Sarajishvili cognac. But this does not mean that young drinks are bad – everything has the right application. Sarajishvili 3* or Sarajishvili 5* stars are good for casual get-togethers or for making cocktails, while older cognacs should be consumed thoughtfully and elegantly.

Sarajishvili – Georgian VS Black cognac – 500 ml.

649.00 inc. VAT
Brandy with amber color and pleasant aromas of roasted almonds, wildflowers and oak trees. The taste is pleasant and harmonious. Produced according to old Sarajishvili recipes from distillate matured for 5 years.
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Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili XO – 700 ml.

1949.00 inc. VAT
Brandy is made from a combination of more than 15 different distillates, the oldest of which are over 30 years old.
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Sarajishvili – 5 y.o. georgian cognac – 500 ml.

449.00 inc. VAT
Brandy with a bright golden color and a delicate aroma of meadow flowers, fruit and spices.
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Sarajishvili – 3 y.o. georgian cognac – 500 ml.

429.00 inc. VAT
Brandy [gruzinac] with a bright golden color and delicate vanilla aromas. The taste is pleasant, harmonious.
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Sarajishvili 5 stars – cognac, spirits for which are aged for at least 5 years. Its aromatic bouquet is dominated by notes of plum, tinted with floral tones.

Sarajishvili 3 stars is a drink made by the classical method from spirits aged for at least 3 years. It has a pleasant warming taste with fruity notes, moderate astringency and rich aftertaste.

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