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Georgian cognac or brandy Telavi

Gruzínský koňak, Грузинский коньяк, Georgian Brandy Telavi

Most of us think of France when we say cognac. But the Georgian Cognacs of Telavi remind us that this world-famous drink has its roots in other places, too. So what is the story of Georgian cognacs?

Why is this historic drink called cognac but now just brandy?

Cognac is originally the name of a town in western France, which is famous for its long tradition of producing an excellent spirit from grapes. This drink has become so popular that the name of the town has become synonymous with the type of spirit. However, in order to be called cognac, the drink must comply with certain rules and regulations laid down by the French government. One of these rules is that the cognac must come from a specific region in France.

How is Georgian brandy Telavi made and why is it worth trying?

Let’s go back to the place where Georgian brandy Telavi is made. It’s in eastern Georgia, in an area known as Telavi. This region is known for its rich vineyards and unique climatic conditions, which are ideal for growing the grapes that are used to make brandy. This is the home of MARANI, a producer of quality Georgian wines and brandy brand Telavi. This company is proud of its long tradition and experience in the production of alcoholic beverages.

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Today we call Georgian cognacs brandy because, although their production process and flavour profile is very similar to cognac, they do not come from France. However, this designation in no way diminishes the quality of these magnificent spirits.

The Telavi brand represents a wide range of Georgian brandies, each offering a unique taste.

  • Telavi 3 Stars is a young gateway into the world of Georgian brandies. It offers a smooth and balanced taste that is ideal for those who want to taste this drink for the first time.
  • The Telavi 5* is then a great example of how the flavour and aroma of brandy changes with longer ageing time. It is richer and more complex than Telavi 3 stars, with more notes of fruit and spice.
  • The Telavi VS, on the other hand, is a brandy with an even longer maturation period, offering an even deeper and richer flavour profile.
  • The Telavi VSOP and Telavi XO are the highlights of the Telavi range. These brandies are aged the longest and offer the most complex and rich flavours and aromas. They are a real treat for brandy lovers.

What is a Georgian cognacs known for?

Georgian brandies are known for their unique flavour profile, which is the result of a combination of local grapes, traditional production methods and a long maturation period in oak barrels. Georgian brandy offers a rich and complex flavour, full of notes of dried fruits, spices and oak, with subtle hints of smoke and leather. All this is complemented by a velvety smooth finish that leaves a lasting impression on your palate.

If you are looking for a drink with a rich history, unique flavour profile and great quality, Georgian brandy brands Telavi are a great choice.

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Production procedure

The production process begins with the harvesting of the grapes, which are then carefully selected and processed. This is followed by fermentation, during which the sugar in the grapes is converted into alcohol. This process takes several weeks and is carefully monitored to achieve the optimum result.

Fermentation is followed by distillation, during which the resulting product is extracted from the fermented wine. This process is usually repeated several times to achieve the highest purity and quality.

Maturation is another important part of the process. Telavi brandy is aged in oak barrels, which gives the drink its characteristic golden colour and unique taste. Aging times vary depending on the brandy, but in general, the longer the brandy is aged, the richer and more complex the flavour.

Why is Georgian brandy Telavi a good gift?

Georgian brandy Telavi is a great gift for alcohol lovers and gourmets. With its rich history, unique flavour profile and high quality, it is a drink that deserves to be enjoyed and celebrated. Plus, its beautiful packaging adds to its elegance and makes it a great gift for any occasion.

Why is Georgian brandy Telavi worth trying?

Simply put, Georgian brandy Telavi is worth trying for its excellent quality, unique taste and rich history. It is a drink that offers a unique taste experience while introducing us to the world of Georgian tradition and culture. Whether you are a brandy lover or looking for something new and exciting, Telavi Georgian Brandy is definitely worth a try.