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Gruzínský koňak 30letý Sarajishvili

Georgians know a lot about both good alcohol and the culture of its consumption. Unique Georgian wines and fiery chacha are known all over the world. Another alcoholic pride of the country is cognac. And although they don’t come directly from Georgia, Georgian winemakers have perfected them and added a unique flavor to this traditional French drink.

The elegant, rich and charming drink from Georgia is already available in the Czech Republic. These are Sarajishvili cognacs, which have been produced since 1887. This company produces a wide range of high-quality alcoholic beverages and gradually offers other novelties.

In our store, you can order rich flavors of cognacs as well as novelties – the Tikhari drink from the producer Sarajishvili or the real Georgian chacha from an oak barrel from the producer Marani.

Noble and unique Georgian cognacs will add a unique atmosphere to any meeting with family or friends. You will be able to enjoy the aroma and taste of the drink for a long time.

Sarajishvili – 5 y.o. georgian cognac – 500 ml.

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Sarajishvili – Tikhari – georgian wallnut brandy – 500 ml

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Sarajishvili cognac: price and selection criteria

Cognacs are divided according to seniority, depending on how long the distillates are aged to make them.

Sarajishvili XO – Extra Old. A drink whose ingredients are aged for 30 years. The primary raw material is grapes of the Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Chinuri varieties. The aromatic composition is dominated by the rich smell of oak, chocolate and vanilla with subtle notes of spices that play with the notes of fruit. Long chocolate and fruit aftertaste. Full gold color.

Sarajishvili VSOP – is made from distillates aged up to 12 years. A unique, pleasant, rich aroma with notes of dried fruit and plums, vanilla, cinnamon and sweet spices typical of long aging. Balanced but intense brandy.

Sarajishvili VS – made from distillates aged up to 8 years. The fragrance begins with notes of spicy vanilla and dried apricots. The slightly warm taste leaves a slightly spicy velvet aftertaste.

Sarajishvili VS Black edition – aged 5 years. Sweet and pleasant aroma of raisins and dried apricots, dried pears and apples with notes of nuts and plums. Compared to the classic version of VS (Gold) cognac, this option is drier and you can smell nuts and dried fruits less.

Georgian grape vodka Chacha from oak barrel 40% – 0,5 l.

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Sarajishvili – Georgian cognac Sarajishvili VS – 700 ml.

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