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Marani – TVISHI – white semi-sweet wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

265.00 inc. VAT
Initially full of banana, quince, nectarine and peach. The natural sweetness is perfectly balanced by the sharp acidity. Hints of grapefruit in the long aftertaste.

Marani – ALAZANI VALLEY – white semi-sweet wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

199.00 inc. VAT
Fresh, slightly sour, slightly sweet and rounded with predominant notes of candied quince skins... Interesting bouquet of toasted nuts and ripe apples with hints of quince and melon.

Marani – MTSVANE KVEVRI – dry white wine – 2017 – 0,75l.

349.00 inc. VAT
Smooth and rich taste, elegant finish with hints of lemon custard and long silky tannins

Marani – RKATSITELI KVEVRI – dry white wine – 2017 – 0,75l.

349.00 inc. VAT
Rkatsiteli Kvevri víno s vůní bílého ovoce a jemnou bylinnou chutí.

Marani – TBILISURI – white semi-dry wine – 2019 – 0.75l.

209.00 inc. VAT
The rich peach and nectarine flavors are perfectly balanced by the wine's natural sweetness and acidity. The result is a long and fruity finish.

Marani – KAKHETI – white dry wine – 2019 – 0.75 l.

175.00 inc. VAT
A dance fruity bouquet, with dominating apple and melon. Full bodied, with lots of dried fruits and slight astringency. Lingering and spice aftertaste is supported by firm and ripe tannins.

Marani – RKATSITELI – white dry wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

175.00 inc. VAT
A light and sharp taste, fulfilling the expectations derived from the aroma of yellow fruit, a taste supported by a lively acidity and a fresh finish.

Marani – TSINANDALI – white dry wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

219.00 inc. VAT
Full-bodied, complex and round flavor, with banana and tropical fruit on the first palate. Its slightly creamy and nutty taste comes from the partial maturation in French oak barrels.

Marani – TSOLIKAURI – dry white wine – 2019 – 0.75l.

245.00 inc. VAT
The taste is lively, tart, fresh and fruity (banana, pear and apple). The finish is long and persistent with various spices and cinnamon.