Georgian cuisine

Beans in georgian way (lobio)

Fazole po gruzínský lobio

Georgian lobio – beans – a historical dish that only poor people ate for lunch, as it consisted of the cheapest products and ingredients available to everyone. In the villages, it was served in a large bowl along with gomi corn porridge, which was placed directly on a carefully cleaned wooden table.

Each member of the family took the porridge for themselves, topped it with a piece of suluguni and scooped up lobio (beans) with a large spoon. Such a dinner provided a feeling of satiety for a long time, which was actually required of him.

Ojakhuri – Abkhazian Adjika – 200 g.

99.00 inc. VAT
Abkhazian Adjika from Georgia

Ojakhuri – Satsebeli classic – 300 g.

89.00 inc. VAT
Složení: Tkemali, sůl, fenykl, petřel, koriandr, česnek, ombalo, pepř, cukr.

Ojakhuri – Spices for beans – 50 g.

49.00 inc. VAT
These spices for beans are a wonderful seasoning for the Georgian national dish called lobio. Thanks to a well-assembled composition,

If you want to try traditional lobio with gomi, you can try cooking gomi with special gomi flour (corn flour for ghomi).

Here you will also find a special mixture of spices for beans (lobio), which contains: coriander, khmeli suneli, saturejka, ground red pepper. Spices on beans will make cooking easier and give you a lot of aromas and flavors.

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