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Marani – KINDZMARAULI – red semi-sweet wine – 2022 – 0,75l.

275.00 inc. VAT
Traditionally, ripe blackberries and cherry jam predominate. The mid-palate is a little lighter compared to the previous collection, but all the more delicate and balanced. The aftertaste is persistent with a perfect balance of natural sweetness and acidity.

Marani – SAPERAVI KVEVRI – dry red kvevri wine – 2018 – 0,75l.

389.00 inc. VAT
Smooth and juicy taste, the finish is sweet and spicy with young tannins from the traditional maceration on the skins in kvevri jugs.

Marani – KHVANCHKARA – red semi-sweet wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

375.00 inc. VAT
Slightly sweet wine with notes of cherry and raspberry, fine tannins and balanced acidity. Aromas of raspberries and strawberries dominate over the aromas of other red berries. 

Marani – ALAZANI VALLEY – red semi-sweet wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

199.00 inc. VAT
Fresh, fruity and full-bodied at the same time. Blackcurrant, blackberry and cherry predominate. The flavours of the variety transferred from the nose to the palate are perfectly balanced by the varied sweet aftertaste.

Marniskari – MUKUZANI – dry red wine – 2018 – 0,75l.

319.00 inc. VAT
Rich taste of ripe fruit that makes the saliva run, with a hint of plum on the palate. Full tannins and a long ending follow.

Marani – SAPERAVI – dry red wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

219.00 inc. VAT
Aromas of juicy blackberries and ripe dogwood, a hint of plums, juicy and rounded finish, ripe tannins in the final.

Marani – AKHASHENI – red semi-sweet wine – 2020 – 0,75l.

275.00 inc. VAT
Rich and complex bouquet with fresh notes of blackberry, cherry and liquorice. Full-bodied black fruit flavour with hints of plum. Rounded in the middle of the palate, sweet with a taste of blackberry jam. Balanced aftertaste.

Marani – PIROSMANI – red semi-dry wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

219.00 inc. VAT
Young wine, full-bodied with sweet fruit, delicate and spicy at the same time, balanced blackberry finish.

Marani – ALEXANDROULI – red semi-sweet wine – 2018 – 0,75l.

325.00 inc. VAT
Fresh, elegant, sweet flavours with hints of pomegranate and pepper linger into the sweet and sour finish.

Marani – NAPAREULI – dry red wine – 2017 – 0,75l.

285.00 inc. VAT
This dry red wine has a delicate bouquet of strawberries and spices and a hint of vanilla.

Marani – SAPERAVI CABERNET – dry red wine – 2019 – 0,75l.

249.00 inc. VAT
The flavor is ripe, full-bodied and concentrated, offering beautiful black berry fruit combined with a touch of black cherry and plum flavors. The finish is long and complex supported by firm tannins with oak notes.

Marani – OJALESHI – red semi-sweet wine – 0,75l.

285.00 inc. VAT
Delicate herbal bouquet with notes of raspberry, red currant and red rose.